About SFFA

Southeast Fiber Forum Association

The SFFA, a loosely connected group of individuals and guilds in the Southeast, is the umbrella organization for the Southeast Fiber Forum, the biennial conference held in the spring of odd-numbered years. The Fiber Forum offers educational workshops and seminars to fiber artists throughout the Southeastern Region of the United States.


The association was established to foster cooperation among individuals and organized guilds in the fiber arts in the Southeast region and to encourage creativity and excellence of craftsmanship in the Fiber Arts. It is an educational, non-profit, non-commercial and non-political association. The states comprising the SFFA area are: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and West Virginia. Membership for individuals is $5.00 USD for lifetime membership. For guilds the membership fee is $25.00 USD for lifetime membership.

The Board

The Board is made up of a chair, treasurer, a secretary, three members elected at large by the SFFA members present at the Fiber Forum, the Host Committee Chair, and the immediate past Chair. The Fiber Forum Chair is selected by the Board. The current Board members are Chair Kathi Grupp, Treasurer Lynda Feldman, Secretary Marjorie Krueger, and At-Large Board Members Suzanne MacGuire and Ruth Howe (Communication). Member Deb Bartz (Membership Chair), also contributeS HER time and expertise to the Fiber Forum Conference.

Introducing the Board Members

Kathi Grupp
is the 2021 SEFF president. Contact Kathi at Chairman

Lynda Feldman is the 2021 SEFF treasurer. Contact Lynda at Treasurer

Marjorie Krueger is the 2021 SEFF secretary. Contact Marjorie at Secretary

Deb Bartz
is the Membership Chair. Deb can be reached at Membership

Ruth Howe is the 2021 SEFF Host Chair. Ruth can be reached at Host Chair

Other Board Members are Suzanne MacGuire, Alice Hickcox, and Marci Patrini.

Non Board Member - Webmaster

Marty Mason is the webmaster. Contact Marty at Webmaster